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Delivering Efficient Litigation Services In A Broad Range Of Legal Disputes

At Bajaria & Forgerson Law Group, we provide high-caliber litigation services at reasonable rates. Our clients include businesses, nonprofits, financial institutions, landlords, property owners and more.

Based in Dallas, our team of accomplished attorneys draws on more than 50 years of combined experience to deliver efficient, cost-effective services to clients. Our track record of success speaks volumes about our diligence and commitment to quality.

We handle litigation involving a wide array of disputes.

Business Disputes

When disputes arise, our aim is always to resolve them without resorting to expensive litigation. However, when litigation becomes inevitable, we fight to secure a positive outcome for our clients.

Our experience spans all types of business-related legal disputes, including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Fraud
  • Negligence
  • Lease disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Debt collection matters

We primarily practice in Texas state and federal courts, but we also have extensive experience in bankruptcy courts, administrative courts, arbitration panels and appellate courts. Our lawyers also represent clients in mediation.

Landlord-Tenant Litigation And Evictions

Lease breaches are a common headache for landlords in the commercial real estate sector, and eviction proceedings can be a nightmare for landlords and tenants alike. Navigating the complexities of eviction proceedings in Texas requires a strategic approach with the guidance of seasoned professionals. Proceeding without an attorney during an eviction is risky due to the myriad technical requirements.

We have extensive experience representing and tenants in eviction matters, including representing clients in jury trials and eviction appeals. We also defend and prosecute lease-related claims in litigation, giving us an edge in assisting clients on both sides of a lease.

Investor Fraud Litigation

We offer a broad range of services related to investor fraud. Our lawyers are intimately familiar with the complex labyrinth of federal securities and banking regulations, which are often at the forefront of investor fraud cases. We work diligently to protect the interests of victims of fraudulent investment schemes or securities violations.

Our services in this arena include:

  • Conducting comprehensive investigations into the investment scheme or securities violations to gather a strong foundation of evidence
  • Leveraging the right strategies to engage in fruitful settlement negotiations
  • Vigorously advocating for our clients’ interests in litigation

Our aim is to secure just compensation for losses incurred due to fraudulent financial activities. We also represent financial institutions facing litigation.

Construction Defect Cases

Construction defects are unfortunately prevalent. They can result in costly repairs and extensive financial losses for property owners. They can also pose a significant liability risk for the property owner when a defect creates a dangerous condition.

Our lawyers help clients hold the right parties accountable for defective construction. We handle both residential and commercial construction defect cases involving:

  • Poor workmanship
  • Subpar materials
  • Structural issues
  • Code violations
  • Faulty plumbing, HVAC and electrical
  • And more

Our team coordinates with experts, site inspectors, appraisers and various other professionals to effectively prosecute our clients’ claims and develop compelling damage models.

In addition to representing individual property owners, we have experience working with homeowners associations and apartment complexes.

Foreclosure Services

The regulatory landscape surrounding foreclosures is notoriously complex. We represent lenders navigating both residential and commercial foreclosure actions. Our lawyers draw on a wealth of experience to develop effective strategies for protecting our clients’ financial interests.

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